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Style A Jumpsuit - Types To Slay Every Trend For A Long Time

Can you recall your earliest childhood memory? There is an eighty percent chance you might be wearing a jumpsuit in your memory. This is what defines jumpsuits: nostalgic yet trendy. Jumpsuits are as popular today as they were back in the 90s. They only have taken up different forms.

From chic denim to glamorous silk, jumpsuits offer various options for every occasion. Let’s dive into the world of jumpsuits and style them for everyone!

What is a Jumpsuit?

A clothing one-piece item, with sleeves and legs without any integral covering of feet, hands, and head. Parachutists originally used it to save them from colder temperatures and help them float midair. However, the fashion world had much more to make from it.

Types of Jumpsuits for Ladies

Knowing the types of jumpsuits for women is very important to understand how to style a jumpsuit. The types of jumpsuits are listed below:

1. Choker Jumpsuit

A Choker jumpsuit, as the name suggests, is a jumpsuit with a broad strap around your neck, usually adorned with a jewel piece. They are classy and elegant. It resembles the turtle neck style, just with the jumpsuit twist. Overall, it gives a sleek appearance to the body, ideal for winter.

How to style it?

If you are worried about how to style a jumpsuit for fall, this article is your answer.

Pear-shaped body types can style a choker jumpsuit well as it hugs their curves tightly, accentuating them beautifully. Adding just a neckpiece can make you look formal and classy. Women typically ask what jumpsuit to style in winter; a choker jumpsuit is an answer to this question that can never go wrong.

2. Tank Jumpsuit

Just like the Tank tops, tank jumpsuits are cute yet comfortable types of women’s jumpsuit. A tank jumpsuit is simply a tank top attached to a pair of pants of the same colour. It might resemble a nicely tucked-in tank top. There are many subcategories among the tank top jumpsuit style as well; the most common is the plaza style, where the bottom is slightly loose or often bell-shaped.

How to style it?

One can style a tank jumpsuit for casual meetups. It is usually a summer-friendly style, attracting all the breezy vibes. A sleek statement pendant can make the overall look the talk of the party.

3. Overall Jumpsuit

Overall Jumpsuit

Overall, jumpsuits are the cutest part of anyone’s wardrobe. They come in a variety of fabrics, the most popular among them being denim. It can go well with a loose boyfriend T-shirt or a full-sleeved T-shirt. Nowadays, many young girls have paired the overall jumpsuit with one strap open or down, making it look more casual and chic, ideal for a fun friends’ movie date.

How to style it?

It is generally believed that jumpsuits for ladies are the only category this clothing has, but overall, jumpsuits have also broken this barrier. Overall, jumpsuits, especially denim jumpsuits, are equally popular among men for their comfortable and catchy style.

4. Flared Jumpsuit

Flared Jumpsuit

Flared jumpsuits are jumpsuits with wide leg openings and extended cuts of the legs. It offers a variety of necklines that you can flaunt according to your taste. It is usually sleeveless. For people with skinny legs, these jumpsuits elevate their overall appearance and make them look well-toned.

How to style it?

You can pair these jumpsuits with statement bracelets and chunky earrings. Moreover, Barbie lovers can take inspiration from the fashion diva Margot Robbie.

5. Blazer Jumpsuit

Are blazers only meant for suit pants and collar shirts? Well, the blazer jumpsuits beg to differ. A blazer jumpsuit is an ideal option for formal events, meetings, or even weddings. With the right accessories, it can radiate your confidence like any other piece of clothing. Loved by working females, a blazer jumpsuit is a more convenient version of a suit; only you can slip in all the pieces at once without any hustle and have a ten times cleaner fit.

How to style it?

Due to its formal appearance, a blazer jumpsuit is worn best with a watch and subtle earrings. Heels are a must to elevate the look.

6. High Overlay Jumpsuit

Overlay outfits are unique in the fashion world. Imagine wearing an overlay jumpsuit at a wedding, dancing and enjoying it to your fullest. It is the most ideal type of jumpsuit for a wedding.

How to style a jumpsuit for wedding?

An overlay jumpsuit is characterised by a large overlaid fabric on the back starting from the waistline. The overlay adds flare to make the look festive. Styling these with a rough ponytail and trendy bling accessories can make the jaws drop.

7. Deep V Neck Jumpsuit

Deep V Neck Jumpsuit

A neckline can change the look of any dress in a 360-degree shift. Similar is the case with jumpsuits as there are different necklines suitable for jumpsuits. A deep V-neck jumpsuit has a steep V-neck starting from the shoulders almost to the waistline. Usually, a zip is attached at the back to ensure a comfortable fit.

How to style it?

A deep V has a red carpet vibe so you can experiment with the styling according to your taste. Colouring breaking can win the jumpsuit game with a deep V-neck.

8. Playsuits


To all the fun-loving people, these suits are a present from the heavens. The cutest among all jumpsuits, these define comfort. They are designed with attractive and vibrant colours and patterns with stickers and other trendy details added to the jumpsuits. Slang and emoji embroidery is the most common these days. They come with a zip at the back or often in the underarm region.

How to style it?

This playful and funky jumpsuit will best go with other accessories. Chunky earrings and creative sneakers compliment the look.

9. Boiler Jumpsuit

Boiler Jumpsuits are what you see as nightwear these days. These come as a loose, comfy tank top attached with shorts in the most comfortable material, like cotton and silk. There are many variations to this type as well, making them suitable for daily wear.

How to style it?

The Boiler Jumpsuit is a summer-friendly jumpsuit type that can be paired with high lace sandals and a big hat. Some funky bracelets can also add to the beauty.

10. Corset Jumpsuit

Are you a fan of the princess aesthetics? If you are, then this type of jumpsuit is your type. Corsets are the undergarments that shape the body from the line under the chest to the waistline. However, corset jumpsuits are purely meant for beauty; therefore, they are made from comfortable material and beautiful designs. Like a corset, it hugs your body from the line under the chest to the waistline, where it is attached to the bottom.

How to style it?

A pair of heels, some blow-dried hair and statement earrings elevate the look of a corset jumpsuit.

11. Backless Jumpsuit

Backless Jumpsuit

Backless is the subtlest way to exude class. Jumpsuits with different necklines are classy, but a unique back design draws attention wherever you go. Now, when we talk about backless, it does not mean a mere cut but the detailing. A backless jumpsuit can come with stringers attached or some beautiful cutwork to elevate the back.

How to style it?

The backless jumpsuit can be styled with backwards necklaces that accentuate the back well. To highlight the beautiful back, you might make a loose bun of the hair.

12. Maxi Jumpsuit

Before 2020, people commonly had one question what is a jumpsuit dress? Well, the dressy jumpsuit spoke for themself in 2022-2023. The talk of the town last summer, maxi jumpsuits are popular among the females. Maxis, by themselves, are quite comfortable and easygoing. This is why many pregnant women prefer to have a maxi dress throughout their pregnancy. It is a trendier version of a maxi that is a good mixture of fashion and comfort. Maxi jumpsuits almost appear similar to a maxi dress, but the only difference is in the leg openings and the type of material used.

How to style it?

Maxi jumpsuits are meant for comfort, so they should exude comfort. One can style them with slippers, braids and minimal accessories.

13. Unitard Jumpsuit

The co-ord trend is still not fading away, and so are the jumpsuits. A unitard jumpsuit is the soulful marriage of a jumpsuit and a co-ord. In a unitard jumpsuit, a single-piece fabric starts from a closed neckline to the ankles. It covers every part of the body except for the feet and the hands. The bottom and the top have the same pattern or print.

How to style it?

It is a versatile jumpsuit that can be worn on any occasion, just with little tweaks in styling.

14. Cape Jumpsuit

Capes, for women, are a symbol of royalty and elegance. The Royal ladies from the past, when reenacted, can be seen donning capes. The royalty of a cape is incorporated with the comfort of a jumpsuit, which is every woman's want. We call it a cape jumpsuit as it comes with a cape on the sleeves, back, one of the shoulders, or on both the shoulders, covering the back till the ankles.

How to style it?

The Royal jumpsuit must be paired with elegant jewelry pieces like diamond cut earrings, etc., perfect for a wedding or bridal shower.

15. Bardot Jumpsuit

Bardot jumpsuits are jumpsuits that have an off-shoulder cut. They are suitable for almost everybody as they accentuate the neck, shoulders, and collarbone simultaneously. They have a wide leg opening, making the dress appear more chic.

How to style it?

A beautiful neckpiece and trendy hand accessories can go well with the Bardot jumpsuit.


Jumpsuits are the most comfortable fashion statement that can be styled in several ways. However, one must choose the type and style that matches their personality and taste. Visit Noflik to meet your choice.


Finding the right size jumpsuit depends on your body measurements and the style of the jumpsuit. It's essential to refer to the size chart provided by the brand and consider your bust, waist, and hip measurements. Additionally, knowing your body type (e.g., pear-shaped, hourglass, etc.) can help you choose a jumpsuit that flatters your figure.

Yes, jumpsuits are versatile and can be styled to flatter various body types. For example, pear-shaped individuals may opt for styles that accentuate their waist, while those with an hourglass figure can experiment with different necklines and silhouettes. It's all about finding the right fit and styling details that complement your body shape.

The care instructions for jumpsuits may vary depending on the fabric and design. In general, it's best to follow the washing and care instructions provided on the garment's label. For delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon, hand washing or dry cleaning may be recommended. For sturdier materials like denim or cotton, machine washing on a gentle cycle and air drying are suitable options to maintain the quality of the jumpsuit.

Yes, jumpsuits can be styled for formal occasions with the right accessories and design details. Options like blazer jumpsuits, high overlay jumpsuits, and corset jumpsuits offer a sophisticated and elegant look suitable for weddings, meetings, or evening events. Pairing them with heels, statement jewelry, and a sleek hairstyle can elevate the jumpsuit for formal settings.

The choice of accessories depends on the style and occasion of the jumpsuit. For formal events, opt for classic accessories like statement earrings, a watch, and heels. For a casual look, you can accessorize with layered necklaces, bracelets, and trendy sneakers. Experimenting with belts, scarves, and handbags can also add personality to your jumpsuit ensemble.


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